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    SAT is a paper-based standardized test developed by College Board, Education Testing Service based on knowledge and mathematics. It is basically conducted for students for university education. SAT is the standardized test for applying an application in colleges in the US and other English speaking countries. The intakes take place seven times annually. The new SAT scoring system is ranked 200-800 on the total score of 2400 most often appeared by high school students.


    1. Critical Reading (Note: includes critical reading, vocabulary and sentence level reading).
    2. Mathematics (80 minutes) (Note: includes algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, probability, data analysis and number and operations).
    • No use of calculator (20 questions lasts 25 minutes)
    • Use of calculator (38 questions and lasts 55 minutes)
    1. Writing (Note: includes Grammar, diction, and usage).