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    Message from Managing Director

    On behalf of the Institute, I would like to welcome all the interested persons to come and visit Ideal Consultancy & Career Development which is indeed an ideal platform for students to study abroad. I would like to thank our enrolled, former and upcoming students for they are our source of encouragement to work harder and we are continuously dedicated to doing much more.

    Studying abroad is a good opportunity for a student because it offers them to be associated with well-recognized university/college in countries like Japan and Australia. You get the chance to be enrolled in some of the finest university/colleges for quality education, a better place for career development, witness some cultural difference and learn to acknowledge them. We tend to make it much simpler and work on putting fewer burdens on students regarding the whole process and regular language classes.

    There’s as saying “A dull boy gets bored when there is nothing more to do than study” but we are capable of making the study full of fun and practical with our trained and qualified members and staffs. At last, I want to thank all the people who made our journey possible till the date today and with the commitment of always working on our costumer’s satisfaction.

    Anil Bhandari
    Managing Director